Countywide Schools Conference

Communities United Against Hate hosted a county-wide schools conference for parents, students and teachers.

Workshops were hosted by leaders of the County Council, Board of Education, County Office of Human Rights, MCPS, MCCPTA, SGA, MCEA, NAACP, CASA, ADL, MCR-SGA, and influential minority, religious, and community groups across the county.

Part 1: Overview of Issues

Conference Program PDF

Part 2: Deeper Dive into Issues

Conference Program PDF

Communities United Against Hate - Montgomery County (CUAH) is a nonpartisan organization that unites our diverse community to combat bigotry, support victims of hate, and promote inclusiveness in Montgomery County, Maryland.

We are committed to combating hate crimes, bigotry, and discrimination based on race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, disability, gender, and sexual/gender identity by:

  • Strengthening law enforcement response to hate crimes and supporting law enforcement sensitivity to the needs of minority and immigrant communities

  • Pushing for programmatic reforms within the school system

  • Disseminating quality resource materials on addressing hate and bigotry

  • Supporting rapid response to hate incidents, including victim assistance referrals, law enforcement and government engagement, traditional media response, social media response, and rallies, vigils, and/or protests

  • Advocating for public policies to address hate and bigotry at the federal, state and local levels




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