YCC Leadership

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The YCC leadership team is composed of a President, Vice President, and the committee chairs for each of our five committees, as shown in the image to the right. 

YCC Committees

Each YCC committee has a influential and critical purpose in the advancement of the program. Below are the role descriptions of each committee:

  • Schools Committee

    • Aim to create a YCC Group within each school that is tailored to each school’s unique environment

    • Recruit students, teachers, counselors and administrators to form a diverse YCC Group in each school.

    • Recruit members from countywide community organizations, to actively participate in YCC

    • Coming up with strategies for each school

  • Outreach and Publicity Committee

    • Participate in county-wide events to support their efforts while publicizing YCC

    • Create a website that showcases student led projects, future events, general information, project proposal option, etc.

    • Use social media to build visibility

    • Utilize our coordinators within each school to publicize YCC

  • Fundraising Committee

    • Hold annual fundraisers

    • Make individual fundraising appeals to companies

    • Raise money from local businesses, faith-based institutions, foundations, and the county

    • Name grants or fellowships after large donors

  • Grant System Committee

    • Review and revise criteria and a process for selecting grant recipients

    • Review and select grant recipients on a quarterly basis

  • Social Change Fair CommittEE

    • Provide student leaders with opportunities to showcase their projects

    • Recognize students leading particularly effective projects with awards

    • Include training sessions on organizing and leadership skills

    • Feature an inspiring keynote speaker