CUAH does not provide emergency response services like 911.  Do not use this website to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property.  Reports submitted here may not receive an immediate response.  If you require emergency assistance, please contact your local authorities.

If you would like to report a hate crime or bias incident to law enforcement, government offices, or service organizations for help and guidance navigating the legal system, you may consider contacting any of these organizations:

Fill out the CUAH Rapid Response form if you would like CUAH to support your response to a bias incident or hate crime in Montgomery County, Maryland, through:

  • Government engagement
  • Community engagement and education
  • Rallies, vigils, and protests
  • Traditional media and social media response

CUAH is not an attorney service and does not provide legal assistance or advice.  By submitting a report, you are not creating an attorney-client relationship.

CUAH respects the impact an incident can have on the victim, alleged perpetrator, and the community and rapid response seeks bring the community together in action to support the victim, combat bigotry, and promote inclusiveness. We do not publicly share private identifying details of a victim’s incident without that person’s permission.