Become a CUAH Network Member Organization

CUAH invites any organization to join our network.** If your organization would like to join us in combating bigotry, supporting victims of hate, and promoting inclusiveness, please fill out the form below.

You may find a list of current CUAH Coalition member organizations here.

If you are an individual, please click here.


Become a CUAH Network Member Organization

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(Point of contact for our Rapid Response Team. If you do not have a designated rapid response person at your organization, who would be the best person to contact in these situations? This could be yourself or someone else at your organization.)
(Can be your organization's Facebook page or other social media page if you do not have a website.)

Upon submitting your request to join the CUAH Network, we will determine if your organization aligns with our mission. If we approve your request to join the CUAH Network, you will receive a "Welcome to CUAH" email with instructions on how to submit your annual membership contribution, as well as other details. Please allow up to two business days for us to send you your welcome email. Please retain the welcome email for your records, as it contains important information.

**Please read our FAQ section on membership requirements. CUAH reserves the right to deny membership to any organization we believe does not fit with our mission.